[openal] Did creative abandon openAL?

N. N. metal.spark at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 16 14:03:45 EDT 2014

Sending again, since the first mail didn't go through.

http://opensource.creative.com/mailman/options/openal-devel doesn't work anymore, nor does the mailing list.
It seems the last mail was from 10/23/2013. I am positive there wasn't any announcement on the openal-devl mailing list either...

Heck, I just happen to stumble onto openal.org with a link to this mailing list, and also a pdf, but no links to openalsoft's website, just a terse coming (back) soon message.

I am curious what is going on now?
Is Creative done with handling openAL, and openAL-soft should be now promoted to openAL to prevent confusion?
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