[openal] Problem building OpenAL Soft in subdirectory (patch attached)

Jesper Särnesjö sarnesjo at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 08:42:07 EDT 2014


I have OpenAL Soft in a subdirectory of my project, and add it to my
main CMakeLists.txt file using ADD_SUBDIRECTORY. However, this fails
because one of the CMake files used by OpenAL Soft,
CheckFileOffsetBits.cmake, refers to CMAKE_BINARY_DIR and

If I change these to CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR and
CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR (see patch), everything works. I *think* this
is more correct, but my CMake skill level is beginner at best.

What do you say?

-- Jesper Särnesjö
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