[openal] Querying format type/channels for non-loopback devices

Peter Mulholland peter.mulholland at vpltd.com
Thu Aug 21 11:22:25 EDT 2014


Currently querying ALC_FORMAT_CHANNELS_SOFT and ALC_FORMAT_TYPE_SOFT for a real (non loopback) 
device is gated off, and returns ALC_INVALID_VALUE. I really dont see why this is the case. It could 
be very useful to know this.

For example, I'd like to use this in our Witcher 2 port to detect whether the audio system has been 
configured to provide 5.1/7.1 support. If it is, we could create a source with the appropriate 
format and send 5.1/7.1 data directly through openal-soft.

In fact, finding out what the user has manually configured in their .alsoftrc could be useful.. but 
thats a larger problem :)


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