[openal] 1.16.0 info bug?

LAM scree at comcast.net
Tue Aug 26 15:53:45 EDT 2014

Hello. Long time OpenAL Soft user (to fix Unreal Tournament 3), first time
list user.

I just updated to OpenAL Soft 1.16.0 from 1.15.1. When I checked with
openal-info32.exe, I have noticed an anomaly now. The part of the info in
question shows the following:

Available playback devices:
    Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi)
    Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi)
Available capture devices:
    Microphone (Creative SB X-Fi)
Default playback device: Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi)
Default capture device: Speakers (Creative SB X-Fi)

Note for some reason 1.16.0 lists the speakers twice, and has the default
capture device wrongly showing the speakers instead of the microphone.  Of
course, 1.15.1 shows everything properly, so I assume a bug has been

Thought I should let you know.
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