[openal] 1.16.0 info bug?

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> On 08/27/2014 11:49 AM, LAM wrote:
> > Also note in the output that it turns
> > out the identifier code is exactly the same for the dupe, if that helps.
> Indeed. Odd that it works with 1.15.1 then, since the problem is that
> Windows is returning a different IMMDevice pointer for the default
> device query. This should actually be causing a buffer overrun in 1.15.1
> since it only allocated enough space for the number of reported devices,
> while the default would get added twice.
> So then I wonder what's the correct way to test if two IMMDevices refer
> to the same endpoint. The device ID is a stringified UID of some kind,
> which theoretically can be equal even if a case-insensitive compare
> fails. MSDN also says apps should treat the ID string as 'opaque', and
> not try to parse it since it can change between systems.

OK, well I guess it's all no big deal, as my game works perfectly well (if
not better) with 1.16.0 now. Just chalk it up to yet another Windows quirk,
I suppose. :)
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