[openal] FFmpeg + OpenAL - playback streaming sound from video won't work

Jan Drabner jan at jdrabner.eu
Tue Jan 28 05:12:58 EST 2014

I made some progress by setting the OpenAL format to 
AL_FORMAT_STEREO_FLOAT32 instead of STEREO16. Makes sense, as the 
decoded frames are in FLTP format.
Also, I went back to not use swr_convert. It simply won't work and only 
crashes without any indication why. And FLTP seems to be the correct 
format already when openAL uses STEREO_FLOAT32.

At least now, the sound is played at the correct speed.
However, it is still very high pitched, so something is still very much 

Am 27.01.2014 20:09, schrieb Jan Drabner:
> Hey,
> I am decoding an OGG video (theora & vorbis as codecs) and want to 
> show it on the screen (using Ogre 3D) while playing its sound. I can 
> decode the image stream just fine and the video plays perfectly with 
> the correct frame rate, etc.

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