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This all seems fine to me. All I can find wrong in the document in any 
capacity is but a lone typo:

An AL_INVALID_VALUE error is _generted_

Other than that, not much to this one!


On 7/3/14, 10:48 AM, Chris Robinson wrote:
> Due to the fact that there is no official documentation for the 
> MSADPCM format, I decided to throw something together for the 
> extension spec (OpenGL's S3TC compression extension spec specifies how 
> S3TC formats work, so I don't see the harm in doing the same here for 
> The extension functionality is pretty much set in stone, unless 
> someone thinks there's some glaring omission. Otherwise, I'd be 
> interested in knowing whether there's any inaccuracies in the 
> description of the format.
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