[openal] Only effects reverb and echo works in openal-soft

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Subject:  [openal] Only effects reverb and echo works in openal-soft


I am trying to use effects from the EFX extension in OpenAL soft. However only reverb and echo seem to work whilst distortion and chorus doesn't. I try to enable the effect type for an effect object like so:


Where if I replace it with this, it works:


The error given directly after the line is an AL_INVALID_VALUE error which indicates that chorus is not a valid effect. I noticed that in the past there was a point when distortion and chorus were not available effects but reverb and echo was, so i double checked my version. I am using OpenAL soft 1.15 and i even tried compiling the latest git version which changed nothing.

Looking in the git logs of the openal-soft repo that I cloned, I can see messages stating that chorus was added and I even checked in the source code and the implementation is there. 

 Does anyone have any ideas on why I am not able to use the chorus/distortion effects?

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