[openal] "Performance" Question

developer at oldunreal.com developer at oldunreal.com
Mon May 19 01:51:59 EDT 2014

I am using OpenALSoft for quite a while already in Linux for my project 
and decided to move on from Creatives OpenAL Version to OpenALSoft in 
Windows too. I avoided it so far because it seemed to run flawlessly and 
it was able to initialize the (Creative) Hardware directly. Now that I 
switched people are afraid of losing hardware acceleration. I know 
OpenALSoft initializes DSound and WinMM but I have honestly no idea 
about how much these are can benefit from any hardware acceleration 
provided by a soundcard.
Are there any charts, further information, comparisons or whatever to 
compare that? Is there even a difference in the end? I was not able to 
find a measurable quantity so far, but to appease the people I'd love to 
know more about that topic if possible.


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