[openal] Panning, Ambisonics, and HRTF [also, TEEM]

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Tue Sep 16 16:02:09 EDT 2014

I found a nice utility set for getting Ambisonic decoder matrices for 
any given speaker layout:


It's a bunch of matlab(/gnu octave) scripts that you can modify as 
needed to generate files that contain decoder coefficients. At least, 
that's what it says. But the decoder coefficients it generates don't 
always look right, especially when a front-center speaker exists (seems 
to mainly be a problem with the 'pinv' generator; the 'allrad' generator 
creates better-looking results but it doesn't like to work for 2D 
speaker layouts). The other problem is that the results are much quieter 
than they should be, but if I can't find a method in these scripts to 
increase the overall gain, perhaps I can just scale all the coefficients 
up a tiny bit.

I'm still looking through it all, but it seems promising in being able 
to pre-generate second or third order coefficients for almost any 
conceivable speaker layout.

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