[openal] DSOUND and Qt - Progress 10%

William Wolff wolff at wdw.com.br
Fri Jan 2 20:18:59 EST 2015


Ok, i will try with the fixed cmake and see the results.
I will try install the 4.8 version of Qt and them try it again.

I will let you know guys about the progress in the message topic, ok?

My main target is have a version of OpenAL Soft in Qt and compiled STATICALLY , so if someone already compile OpenAL Soft as a static lib, please let me know because I want avoid unnecessary dynamic libs
Usage singe my application are OpenSource too and I want a single project for all platforms (http://www.insaneengine3d.com.br).

And for sound I believe Only OpenAl Soft can fit with this requirements, all the other external tools i´m using in the project are open source and compiled statically, except the sound of course. ;).

Again, thanks so much for any help!
If someone already have this and want help me making this setup as a service, please let me know and send me a private message and we see what i can do ok?

Kind Regards.
William Wolff

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