[openal] a bit of clarification needed about openal-info32

Damon Curry damon.curry at whirlwind3d.com
Sun Jan 4 19:51:50 EST 2015

The readme.txt file in the OpenAL 1.16 distribution contains the 
following text: /"The included openal-info32.exe and openal-info64.exe 
programs can be used to tell if the OpenAL Soft DLL is being detected."/

I ran openal-info32, which printed quite a bit of text (shown in the 
attached screenshot image), but the text printout causes me to wonder 
about a few things:

 1. The readme.txt file said, /"... openal-info32 ... can be used to
    tell if the OpenAL Soft DLL is being detected."/ The output text of
    openal-info32 does not specifically say, "OpenAL Soft DLL detected",
    so I am not certain if the OpenAL Soft DLL is installed and working
    properly.  Perhaps the printout resulting from running openal-info32
    is the indication that the "OpenAL Soft DLL is being detected" ...
    but without a specific statement I can only guess.
 2. The printout includes "Supported filters: !!! none !!!" and
    "Supported effects: !!! none !!!".  Is that a problem?  Does it
    indicate that I have a faulty installation?  Does it indicate that I
    need to install something else, or change some config file?  As
    written, those lines of printout text seem ominous but don't give
    further details to inform the reader about suggested or needed
    (corrective?) action.

These are small issues, but I hope that documenting them here will be 
useful as feedback from a new user.

Best regards,


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