[openal] Audio loopback and AEC

alberto box alberto.box66 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 06:48:11 EDT 2015

I write here for the first time, I have an echo problem and I'd need an
I still use OpenAl 1.1 on Windows (but i can update). I have N input
streams that are processed and rendered (on the pc speakers) with standard
openal api. I also have mic capture that is forwarded back to the N peers.
Now, my initial hw devices have been changed and now I have acoustic echo
for audio coming from speakers and going back into mic.
I'm looking for the best way to perform an echo cancellation to avoid (or
limit) the problem. Because openal doesn't offer aec, I'm thinking about
capturing the rendered audio (while still playing it on the speakers) and
using it as input for an external aec algorithm (Speex?).
I have found alc_soft_loopback extension but I saw in another mail (in this
list) it is not suited to me because, as far as i understood, using it
means not sending audio to the speakers.
Is there any other extension to get back rendered audio for aec processing,
while having it played?

Thank you (and sorry for my poor english)
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