[openal] some beginner questions

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Wed May 13 16:39:26 EDT 2015

On 05/09/2015 09:08 PM, Victorious wrote:
> Will HRTF be enabled automatically if the presence of a suitable .mhr
> is detected in the current directory?

Yes, if the device is configured as headphones. More specifically, if 
PKEY_AudioEndpoint_FormFactor gives back 'Headphones' in mmdevapi, or 
IDirectSound::GetSpeakerConfig gives back DSSPEAKER_HEADPHONE in dsound.

> I'm having some trouble with building allure. I've used cmake and it
> has detected the presence of PhysicsFS and libsndfile. When I try
> building the resulting visual studio solution, I get the following
> warning/errors: ...
> Error	26	error C2536: 'alure::Vector3::alure::Vector3::mValue' :
> cannot specify explicit initializer for arrays
> D:\source\alure\include\AL\alure2.h	70	1	alure2

This looks like it's having trouble with C++11. Or my C++11 is wrong. 
The code in question is:

class Vector3 {
     ALfloat mValue[3];
     Vector3(ALfloat val) : mValue{val, val, val}
     { }

As far as I know, this is a valid way to initialize arrays in C++11. Or 
isn't it?

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