[openal] Alure problem with vs2013

developer at oldunreal.com developer at oldunreal.com
Thu May 14 11:40:53 EDT 2015

I rebuilt all my project files with visual studio 2013 when I moved to 
this platform. Now I have a problem with alure-1.2 - using cmake already 
was a bit of a problem since it is asking for some VORBISENC_LIBRARY 
which I am already unable to find - and still have no clue where to get 
it from, vorbis only contains vorbisenc.exe and not some lib.
Anyway the real problem is, no matter what I try, alure doesn't seem to 
be able to play any of the additional filetypes I tried (ogg, flac and 
mp3). Trying to play any of these always results in "Unsupported Type". 
It doesn't make any difference if I try it statically or dynamically linked.
Any idea about this is appreciated.


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