[openal] ALC_SOFT_HRTF proposal

Victorious dtvictorious at gmail.com
Sun May 17 07:09:42 EDT 2015

This looks pretty neat. Are these options available in the latest version in the repository, or is this just a draft specification at this stage?

Also, why not just have 2 states, on/off defaulted to off? The defaults, if Ian's report is any indication, don't work well even if headphones are present as they don't get detected properly. I'm facing this problem myself.

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Here's an initial draft for an ALC_SOFT_HRTF extension, which allows requesting and querying HRTF mixing. It's fairly basic, but it should be good enough to work.

Something to note: OpenAL Soft currently treats {ALC_HRTF_SOFT,ALC_FALSE} as a "don't care" request rather than a "do not use HRTF" request. That is, it won't specifically request HRTF, but if something else makes the lib want to try (for example if headphones are detected), it may still opt to use it. This is because OpenAL Soft treats the HRTF request as a boolean flag. I'm not sure how to best handle this since I know HRTF options are usually presented as an on/off boolean state, when it would otherwise need to be used as an on/off/default state here.

Feedback is very welcome.

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