[openal] Alure problem with vs2013

Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at gmail.com
Mon May 18 13:11:41 EDT 2015

On 05/18/2015 02:22 PM, Chris Robinson wrote:
> I've said it before, but I really wish Linux had something akin to
> DirectShow. A reasonably guaranteed-to-exist component that kept track
> of available system codecs and provided access to them through a
> standardized interface.

But does DirectShow really help?
Don't know about now, but a few years back it didn't even support 
ogg/vorbis out of the box, so you'd have to install a corresponding codec..
I don't think installing system-wide codecs as part of installing your 
game is such a great thing (assuming you don't want to use one of the 
codecs that's supported out of the box)?

 From a practical point of view I'd like to be able to easily create a 
libalure.so/.dll with all codecs I want statically compiled in, so I 
don't have to ship libvorbis, libsndfile, libmpg123, ... with my game, 
but just this one libalure.
Of course I'd have to link against it dynamically (or even load it 
dynamically, even though that's probably hard with a C++ lib like alure) 
to obey the LGPL of the used libraries (unless my game is open source 
anyway), but that's better than shipping and dynamically linking all the 
other libs.


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