[openal] OpenAL Soft 1.17.0 is released!

developer at oldunreal.com developer at oldunreal.com
Thu Nov 12 13:51:52 EST 2015

Very cool!

Thanks for all your hard work, will test out asap ;)

On 12.11.2015 18:23, Chris Robinson wrote:
> OpenAL Soft 1.17.0 has now been tagged and released:
> http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal.html
> Changes in this version include: a new JACK backend, support for 
> B-Format (both input[1], and output via the wave writer), a new HRTF 
> extension[2], Sinc-based resamplers, and a new panning algorithm based 
> on higher-order ambisonics (which should provide better side and back 
> positioning cues for surround sound output).
> It also includes fixes for identical device names in a few backends, 
> clearing up a potential lockup when closing a suspended PulseAudio 
> device, and a fix for device names on Windows not being identified as 
> for OpenAL Soft.
> There's plenty of other fixes, changes, and additions listed in the 
> release update and changelog, and probably a few things I forgot to 
> note down.
> Tentative plans for 1.18 include improving the quality of the reverb 
> (using FFTs to improve the frequency modulation, using ambisonics to 
> create fully 3D reflections and reverberation, and perhaps even with 
> new properties to allow the app to control the apparent geometry of 
> the room), support for the frequency shifter effect, support for 
> multi-channel effects, as well as improving HRTF-related options 
> (better enumeration names, and better support for HRTFs provided by 
> apps, in particular). I also want to support the AL_EXT_SOURCE_RADIUS 
> extension, which will require dropping/replacing the 
> AL_SOFT_buffer_sub_data and AL_SOFT_buffer_samples extensions.
> Aside from that, I also plan on doing more work with Alure, and making 
> a proper release of the new 2.0 API.
> Thanks for looking! If you have any comments, questions, suggestions, 
> or bug reports, please let me know either here, or by opening a new 
> issue on GitHub: <https://github.com/kcat/openal-soft>
> [1] via the B-Format buffer extensions:
> <https://icculus.org/alextreg/index.php?operation=op_showext&extname=AL_EXT_BFORMAT> 
> <https://icculus.org/alextreg/index.php?operation=op_showext&extname=AL_EXT_MULAW_BFORMAT> 
> [2] <http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal-extensions/SOFT_HRTF.txt>
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