[openal] ALC_NO_PROTOTYPES in alc.h / loading function pointers

Felix Patschkowski felix.patschkowski at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 11 15:33:24 EDT 2016


I've recently installed the OpenAL SDK 1.1 to do some audio programming.
Having an OpenGL/Vulkan background I'm used to load function pointers from
DLL myself.

al.h provides AL_NO_PROTOTYPES to not declare al* prototypes, why is there
no ALC_NO_PROTOTYPES for alc.h?

Which approach is considered best practice: Loading all function pointers
using GetProcAddress/dlsym or only loading al*GetProcAddress with
GetProcAddress/dlsym and using al*GetProcAddress to retrieve the remaining
function pointers?

The SDK sample uses the first approach. The OpenAL Deployment Guide
mentions the "OpenAL router". Would it be possible to bypass the router
using the seond approach?

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