[openal] Noob questions on oepnAL

Massimiliano Maini maxmaini at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 08:26:58 EST 2016

Thanks for the prompt and clear reply Chris. Two side questions:

1. Does OpenAL Soft do something particular for sources that are near to
the listener ? I've read around about stuff like MacroFX ...

2. On windows, I know alsoft.ini is in %AppData% and it works fine. If I
have an openAL-based app and I want to force it to use OpenAL Soft with it,
I can drop the OpenAL Soft dll (renamed to OpenAL32.dll) in the app folder,
and that works fine too. But can I also put the alsoft.ini in the app
folder and have this local .ini considered (instead of the "global" one in
%AppData") ? Same thing for OpenAL Soft's HRTF folder, can I put in the
app's folder ?

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