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doug sanden highaspirations at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 24 09:58:54 EST 2016

Maybe better questions:
Q1. is openSL ES  sufficient for openAL-Soft ?
I see Android has an openSL ES API
Q2. is there an openSL or openSL ES wrapper for uwp / xaudio2?

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I'm from freewrl.sf.net - virtual reality browser that uses openAL-soft to implement web3d.org Sound node for windows and linux desktop.
I'm working on windows uwp and android for a few days.

uwp (universal windows platform) / winRT / windows-metro
- I worked on this before and got something working.
- Now I'm implementing movietexture node via ffmpeg libs, and just realized I have an old openAL-soft interface that doesn't have float32
- it looks like I hacked the openAL code before - so it goes directly to Xaudio2 - works with .wav and mpeg1 audio, but not for mp4 audio even after a hand-coded conversion to 16bit - an xaudio function returns error
I'll upgrade that interface to try float32.
Q. has someone done a proper implementation for uwp?

- haven't attempted yet. I'm working through visual studio 2015 NDK build process.
Q. any tips / example android ndk implementation?


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