[openal] Compiling for 64-bit

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Thu Sep 1 22:59:48 EDT 2016

On 09/01/2016 10:49 AM, Tommy Scott wrote:
> I am attempting to compile the 1.17.2 source as 64-bit, but when I do
> cmake it only gives me a 32-bit solution to build. That compiles fine, but
> if I then change the configuration to x64 manually I end up getting
> various errors as follows:
> ...
> How do I build the x64 version?

I'm not familiar with Visual Studio, so you may have to ask someone more 
knowledgeable about switching between x86/x64 on cmake-generated 
projects. But how did you change it "manually"? Did you make sure to 
change everything from x86 to x64? All the (sub-)projects, lib paths, etc?

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