[openal] AL_SOFT_source_resampler proposal

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 03:53:40 EDT 2017

Hey guys.

Here's an extension I developed to allow OpenAL applications some 
control over the resampling used by source mixing. It gives OpenAL the 
ability to provide a list of resamplers it has available, where an app 
can then set specific ones on each source.

The extension doesn't specify specific resampling methods, meaning 
there's no way for the app to pragmatically set something like nearest 
or linear resampling. But it does allow exposing the available methods 
as a user option, so they're not stuck with the default or rely on 
external configuration to change it. It's done this way to not lock out 
other resamplers that the extension doesn't specifically know about, or 
require implementations to have specific resamplers it doesn't otherwise 
want to implement.

OpenAL Soft's current Git master implements this proposal, if you're 
interested in trying it out (being aware it's an in-progress extension 
and some changes may still happen later that breaks code using it). Feel 
free to ask questions or voice concerns you may have with it, both in 
function or design. Thanks!
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    Chris Robinson


    Chris Robinson (chris.kcat 'at' gmail.com)


    In progress


    This extension is for OpenAL 1.1.


    This extension provides a method for applications to use different
    resamplers for sources. OpenAL automatically resamples when playing
    a source at a sample rate that don't match the device's sample rate, but
    the resampling method is left unspecified. One could assume it would use
    the "best" resample method available, but this gives no clear information
    about what's used nor any way to choose between quality or performance.
    Further, some applications may prefer lower quality resamplers for its
    spectral properties.


    Q: What resampling methods should be defined?
    A: They'll be implementation defined. This avoids forcing specific methods
       upon implementations, as well as allowing implementations to expose
       methods without requiring predefined enum values for them.

    Q: How is the resampler specified?
    A: Resamplers are identified by index. The number of available resamplers
       is queried by calling alGetInteger[v] with AL_NUM_RESAMPLERS_SOFT,
       indicating 0 to count-1 are valid resampler indices. The default
       resampler sources use can be queried by calling alGetInteger with
       AL_DEFAULT_RESAMPLER_SOFT. The resampler used by a source can be
       changed by calling alSourcei with AL_SOURCE_RESAMPLER_SOFT and a valid
       resampler index.

       The name of each resampler can be queried using the alGetStringiSOFT
       function with AL_RESAMPLER_NAME_SOFT and a valid resampler index. The
       strings returned are displayable UTF-8 encoded names.
       Note that it is strongly encouraged for implementors that there be a
       general progression of resampler quality with index. That is, indices
       closer to 0 should be of lower quality, and the higher index values
       should have higher quality resampling.

New Procedures and Functions

        const ALchar *alGetStringiSOFT(ALenum pname, ALsizei index);

New Tokens

    Accepted as the <pname> parameter of alGetInteger and alGetIntegerv:

        AL_NUM_RESAMPLERS_SOFT                   0x1210
        AL_DEFAULT_RESAMPLER_SOFT                0x1211

    Accepted as the <param> parameter of alSourcei, alSourceiv, alGetSourcei,
    and alGetSourceiv:

        AL_SOURCE_RESAMPLER_SOFT                 0x1212

    Accepted as the <pname> parameter of alGetStringiSOFT:

        AL_RESAMPLER_NAME_SOFT                   0x1213

Additions to Specification

    Resampler Enumeration

    OpenAL performs resampling when the sample rate of a source (considering
    the buffer's sample rate, the AL_PITCH property, doppler effects, etc)
    does not match the device's sample rate. Resampling may also occur when
    there's a fractional sample offset creating a phase offset.

    The available resamplers are implementation defined. The number of
    resamplers provided by the implementation is queried with
    AL_NUM_RESAMPLERS_SOFT. At least one resampler is guaranteed to be
    available. Resamplers are identified by index, which range from 0 to
    num_resamplers-1 (inclusive). The default resampler index is queried with
    AL_DEFAULT_RESAMPLER_SOFT. These are global numeric state queries, made
    using the alGetInteger or alGetIntegerv functions.

    The resampler names are retrieved by calling

        const ALchar *alGetStringiSOFT(ALenum pname, ALsizei index);

    with <pname> as AL_RESAMPLER_NAME_SOFT and <index> being a valid resampler
    index. The returned string is a UTF-8 encoded displayable name identifying
    the resampler.

    Resampler Selection

    The resampling method can be set and queried using the source attribute:

    Name                        Signature  Values      Default
    --------------------------  ---------  ----------  -------
    AL_SOURCE_RESAMPLER_SOFT    i, iv      [0, I/D]    I/D

    Specifies the resampler index used by the source when resampling is to be
    done. Each source may have its own resampler set without affecting other
    sources. The range of and default values are implementation-defined, and


    An AL_INVALID_VALUE error is generated if the index provided to
    alGetStringiSOFT when querying AL_RESAMPLER_NAME_SOFT is not a valid
    resampler index.

    An AL_INVALID_VALUE error is generated if the value provided for the
    AL_SOURCE_RESAMPLER_SOFT attribute is not a valid resampler index.

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