[openal] Speaker test

Anders Genell anders.genell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 11:22:40 EDT 2017

Dear Chris, and everyone else!

I may have asked this long ago already, but as I can't remember, and can't find any trace of me asking, I'll just go ahead:

Would it be possible to implement a simple speaker test in OpenAL-soft?

We mostly use a 5.1 or 6.1 setup, and sometimes we would like to check that each channel is alive and working properly. We often use the speaker-test feature included with alsa, but we would rather do this programmatically in our software that uses OAL-soft. 

Ideally it would just output pink noise to each backend channel at a time, looping through all channels or just staying on one channel until interrupted. 

Since the final output to the backend ought to be some interleaved chunks of audio, I suppose it should be possible to construct these chunks fairly easily?


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