[openal] GNU Lesser General Public License - how do I correctly use OpenAL (soft)

Zuzu Typ zuzu.typ at gmail.com
Sun May 7 08:31:09 EDT 2017

Dear reader(s),

I am currently working on a game engine that I want to publish for
commercial use sometime in the future.

I know a bunch of games that use OpenAL, which is why I wanted to use it
myself (though I switched to OpenAL Soft, because it was recommended to me).

Now I would like to know what exactly I have to do to follow the License
(since I am [currently] a one-man-no-budget production, I can't ask a
lawyer, so I thought I better ask other people who might know)

I'm actually German, therefore it is especially hard reading the License

So here is what I think I have to do:
1. The usual, don't claim it's my work, etc.
2. Put the license info somewhere in my distribution (in my case it is
currently in a text file "LICENSE.TXT" ) - with license info I mean the
contents of "COPYING" in GitHub
3. Supply a link to the license (GNU LGPL 2.0
4. Use OpenAL Soft as a dynamic library, (.DLL), that can be modified by
the end user.
5. Supply a "written offer" to cantact me, in order to receive a full
machine-readable source code (event though I don't know what they mean by
I thought of putting 5. at the end of "LICENSE.TXT".

It currently is written like this:

> As requested in the above license, I offer you to request the full
> machine-readable form of the source code of this application by contacting
> me via zuzu.typ at gmail.com .

I hope I got everything right, can you help me out if you know more?

Thank you very much and best regards,
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