[openal] ALC_SOFT_output_limiter proposal

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun May 14 16:36:22 EDT 2017

This is a relatively simple one, born as a result of OpenAL Soft's new 
output limiter. This could be more in-depth with control over various 
parameters, but rather than delaying the release of 1.18 even more, a 
simple toggle can be added now and another extension can add more 
properties later.
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    Chris Robinson


    Chris Robinson (chris.kcat 'at' gmail.com)


   In progress.


    This extension is written against the OpenAL 1.1 specification.
    This extension interacts with ALC_SOFT_HRTF.


    This extension allows an application to control OpenAL Soft's output
    limiter. OpenAL Soft 1.18 adds an output limiter to prevent excessive
    clipping on the output, and this extension allows applications to turn it
    off or on.


    Q: This seems rather basic for handling an output limiter. Couldn't there
       be more control over its behavior?
    A: Yes there could be control over other parameters, like the level limit,
       attack and release rate, and even an upper and lower level limit.
       However, rather than delaying the 1.18 release, or making the release
       without the application having any control, a simple on-off toggle can
       be added now and a future extension can provide more parameters to

New Procedures and Functions

    ALCboolean alcResetDeviceSOFT(ALCdevice *device, const ALCint *attrList);
    (from ALC_SOFT_HRTF)

New Tokens

    Accepted as part of the <attrList> parameter of alcCreateContext and
    alcDeviceResetSOFT, and as the <paramName> parameter of alcGetIntegerv:

        ALC_OUTPUT_LIMITER_SOFT                  0x199A

    Accepted as part of the <attrList> parameter of alcCreateContext and
    alcDeviceResetSOFT, for the ALC_OUTPUT_LIMITER_SOFT attribute:

        ALC_DONT_CARE_SOFT                       0x0002 (from ALC_SOFT_HRTF)

Additions to Specification

    Toggling the output limiter of a device

    An output device may apply a limiter to the maximum amplitude of the
    rendered mix, to prevent distortion from excessive clipping. The default
    state of the limiter is implementaiton-defined, however an application may
    request to turn it off or on by specifying the ALC_OUTPUT_LIMITER_SOFT
    attribute during context creation or device reset. Valid values for the
    attribute are ALC_FALSE to turn it off, ALC_TRUE to turn it on, and
    ALC_DONT_CARE_SOFT to let the AL decide.

    The current state of the limiter can be queried by calling alcGetIntegerv
    with the ALC_OUTPUT_LIMITER_SOFT attribute. This will return ALC_FALSE or
    ALC_TRUE depending if the limiter is currently disabled or enabled. It
    will not return ALC_DONT_CARE_SOFT even if that was last specified.


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