[openal] Where can I find the enum parameters that these functions accept: GetEffectf/fv-GetEffecti/iv GetFilteri/iv-GetFilterif/fv, GetAuxiliary...

Sean s.tolstoyevski at gmail.com
Thu Jul 29 02:08:21 EDT 2021

Hello there,

I've been reviewing the OpenAL-Soft source for a long time.

I couldn't find any parameters that these functions can accept.

Looking at the overall code structure of OpenAL-Soft, *param* is 
evaluated in the switch statement.
Like alGetSourcef.

By examining these codes, I can tell if I'm doing the right things.

But I couldn't find anything in the source code for effects, filters and 
Where exactly are these defined in OpenAL-Soft?

In particular, I cannot understand how vector functions work. The only 
way seems to be to inspect the source, as the documentation is missing.

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