[openal] Trying to implement a linear 1D (left/right) audio balance

Villermen villermen at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 20:44:44 EDT 2014

Hey there,

After not being able to figure this one out myself I've posted my question
on the OpenTK forums and StackOverflow, where I was suggested by the OpenTK
dev to ask you about it =)

Basically I'd like to have a balance value of -1f (left channel only) to 1f
(right channel only) be converted into a position for an OpenAL source
where it will act as such:
When having 0f (default value) as balance value both sides (left/right ear)
should be at 100% gain.
When 1f 100% for the right ear and 0% for the left ear and the opposite for
They should attenuate in a linear way.

For what I've tried so far please read my post on
I'm working with the OpenTK library but I am pretty sure I can convert any
OpenAL related answer to it, just as long as I can understand it in general.

I would really like to know if and how this is possible, and any thoughts
on this are welcome!

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