[openal] pulseaudio default capture device

Peter Hunnisett peter at softwarebalm.com
Fri Aug 8 16:32:19 EDT 2014

     was playing around with OpenAL and found that alcCaptureOpenDevice 
was failing in my windows cygwin setup which is using PortAudio2. A bit 
of investigation later it seems that the default capture device in 
pa_open_capture is using the default output device rather than the 
default input device. I have no way of building the source on cygwin to 
totally confirm it solves the problem but I have:
1) done a runtime modification of the returned device in a debugger
2) setup a config file to provide the default device

    Both of these seem to give me success in allowing the correct device 
(microphone) to be selected. I can now progress to see if I can get the 
rest of my code working.

    I've attached a diff of my proposed solution. Unfortunately it's 
against the cygwin package but the source looks like it still has 
basically the same code in the git repo.


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--- portaudio.c	2014-08-08 12:27:15.616077700 -0700
+++ portaudio.c_new	2014-08-08 13:06:22.701323200 -0700
@@ -327,7 +327,7 @@
     data->params.device = -1;
     if(!ConfigValueInt("port", "capture", &data->params.device) ||
        data->params.device < 0)
-        data->params.device = Pa_GetDefaultOutputDevice();
+        data->params.device = Pa_GetDefaultInputDevice();
     data->params.suggestedLatency = 0.0f;
     data->params.hostApiSpecificStreamInfo = NULL;

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