[openal] hello and question re: alsa devices

Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at gmail.com
Thu Feb 13 20:21:50 EST 2014


non-hardware devices definitely work, but they may have to be linear, at 
least that's what I configured years ago to make it work.
Something like

pcm.blafoo_linear {
   type linear
   slave.format S16_LE # or maybe S24_LE ?
   slave.pcm blafoo
   hint {
       show on
       description "my blafoo software device"

in ~/.asoundrc (assuming your software device is called "blafoo") works 
for me.
In my case, blafoo is "type plug", has surround51 as slave and sends all 
channels to the subwoofer (because OpenAL doesn't send sounds from 3D 
sources to the subwoofer and my speakers don't do that automatically)


Am 14.02.2014 02:12, schrieb bascule:
> hi, i've subscribed to this list because i can't find any search results
> elsewhere that answer my query, namely is openal supposed to recognise alsa
> devices defined in my .asoundrc?
> openal-info will only list hardware devices and i believe this is why my
> freespace2 game won't work because i have a software defined alsa device in my
> .asoundrc. obviously you can't comment on the freespace game, but it would
> help if i knew whether openal was supposed to work with defined devices.
> bascule
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