[openal] Loading of HRTF file fails

Dennis Franken djfranken at gmx.de
Tue Feb 18 11:12:35 EST 2014


First off thank you so much for implementing hrtf!
So I wanted to buy a good headphones or speakers for 3D virtual surround
for the upcoming game Elite Dangerous and after much googling I'm now
very interested in OpenAL-Soft and it's great hrtf feature. I want to
write a 3D demo to easily switch different hrtf files and test them with
a little 3D sound demo. This could be two different apps, one "launcher"
to setup and configure OpenAL-Soft that launches a 3D sound demo to test
the selected hrtf.

My problem is that I seem to be unable to load the mhr files that
makehrtf.exe spits out. When running openal-info32.exe I get the error
"AL lib: (EE) LoadHrtf: Could not open "oalsoft_IRC_1005_hrtf_44100.mhr"
I added these lines to alsoft.ini:
hrtf = true
hrtf_tables = "oalsoft_IRC_1005_hrtf_44100.mhr"
The ini file is read and parsed. I've copied the mhr files into
%APPDATA% and also tried copying them into the application directory and
even Windows\System32. Looking at the source, it seems that after
whatever is done to the poor filename "fopen" fails.

I'm using the "hrtf-test" utility from bitoutsidethebox and hrtf works,
but different hrtf profiles don't seem to be loading.

If anybody is interested, I have converted all the profiles as described on:
You can get the zip file from this thread. It's only 668k and could be
distributed with a small setup / config utility for OpenAl-Soft.

Kind Regards,
Dennis Franken

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