[openal] Capture output stream

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 04:18:20 EST 2014

On 02/18/2014 08:15 PM, Tristan Chaplin wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to OpenAL so apologies if this is a silly/obvious question.
> Is it possible to capture the output stream of OpenAL so it can be saved to
> disk? We need to run our script that moves a few sources around and record
> the output (as the listener hears), so we can send the digital waveform to
> a hardware device.


Do you mean you want to record the output of OpenAL as it's playing, or 
do you want to get the output instead of having it play?

If it's the latter (you just want the output to handle yourself, without 
it playing), you can do that with the ALC_SOFT_loopback extension:


Though, as far as I know that's only available on OpenAL Soft. But with 
it, you can open a loopback device, create a context on it, as well as 
buffers, sources, all the usual stuff, and render samples at your leisure.

Hope that helps.

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