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Tristan Chaplin tristan.chaplin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 19:33:30 EST 2014

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the reply. That looks like what I want, I was hoping to use
Matlab (Psychtoolbox) but if needed I can have a crack at doing it in C.


On 19 February 2014 20:18, Chris Robinson <chris.kcat at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 02/18/2014 08:15 PM, Tristan Chaplin wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm new to OpenAL so apologies if this is a silly/obvious question.
>> Is it possible to capture the output stream of OpenAL so it can be saved
>> to
>> disk? We need to run our script that moves a few sources around and record
>> the output (as the listener hears), so we can send the digital waveform to
>> a hardware device.
> Hi.
> Do you mean you want to record the output of OpenAL as it's playing, or do
> you want to get the output instead of having it play?
> If it's the latter (you just want the output to handle yourself, without
> it playing), you can do that with the ALC_SOFT_loopback extension:
> http://kcat.strangesoft.net/openal-extensions/SOFT_loopback.txt
> Though, as far as I know that's only available on OpenAL Soft. But with
> it, you can open a loopback device, create a context on it, as well as
> buffers, sources, all the usual stuff, and render samples at your leisure.
> Hope that helps.
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