[openal] Real-time interactive 3D audio landscape

Daniel Gibson metalcaedes at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 07:56:56 EST 2014

Am 24.01.2014 12:24, schrieb Xavier Wielemans:
> I've spoken with Blue Ripple Sound (Rapture3D implementation vendor)
> already, they are most willing to assist me but for a development case
> like mine they depend on Creative's OpenAL SDK, that they are not
> allowed to redistribute - And Creative has closed down the OpenAL.org
> website, it seems - which you certainly all know very well already... :)

OpenAL soft is also available for Windows and provides an "SDK", i.e. 
headers to use and libs to link against:

Engine-wise the Doom3 engine could also be used, there is an OpenAL 
supporting version available:


The level could be created with

(The level would probably just be a huge box with some sound sources in it)


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