[openal] Releasing openal-soft with linux games

Mark Sibly blitzmunter at gmail.com
Fri Jun 6 21:20:01 EDT 2014


How do I bundle a game for release on linux so it uses openal-soft instead
of the 'builtin' openal.

By 'builtin' openal, I mean the version I get when I do apt-get install
openal (or whatever it is).

I am assuming here that builtin openal is pretty nasty, in that it suffers
from horrendous lag. At least, it did when I tried it a few years back, and
I just tried it again with the same results, although admittedly this time
under vmware.

Actually, I'm pretty mystified by the whole 'releasing for Linux' process!
To date, I've just kind of assumed that users have the necessary apt-get's
installed and left it up to the user to deal with. Is this truly the
'linux' way?

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