[openal] cannot find -lopenal ... cant find .a file

Kip Carr kcarr at avtsim.com
Thu Jun 12 10:55:21 EDT 2014

Thanks for the help.  I found those flags and specified it to include the dynamic instead of the static.   That seems to fix the problem.  I cant find anywhere that AL_LIBTIME_STATIC is defined so I should be ok there.


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On 06/12/2014 03:43 AM, Kip Carr wrote:
> Chris,
> Im trying to build a 64 bit app.  Part of the software update I am 
> working on is converting to 64 bit.  My full Link link is huge of 
> course but the openal part is just -lopenal, were you looking for 
> particular flags or something?

Yes, -Bstatic or some other flags that would prevent it from finding libopenal.so.

> I am trying to link it as a static.  I am working on getting an old 
> project back up and running and would like to keep as much the same as 
> the old as possible.  Also I am working with Boost build and BJam so 
> making changes is not the easiest thing either.

If Ubuntu isn't providing the static library, then you'll either have to build openal soft as static yourself, or change the app to use dynamic linking. Changing it to use dynamic is preferred, and shouldn't be very
hard: just move -lopenal to after -Bdynamic or before -Bstatic, and make sure AL_LIBTYPE_STATIC doesn't get defined.
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