[openal] HRTF audio

Michael Taboada ai5hf at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 15 17:44:08 EDT 2014

Hi all,
I didn't know where would be a good place to ask this, so I figured I'd 
ask here.
Basically I'm looking for preferably a single library that allows me to 
do cross platform hrtf output under a license like zlib/public 
domain/something that doesn't require me to a. dynamic link, and/or b. 
give out my code. I really like how openal does HRTF, but it's under the 
LGPL, which means that I cannot static link the library without giving 
out my source code, and in addition as I plan to use it on iOS I can't 
dynamic link it on iOS because of apple's guidelines, so I cannot use it 
If anyone knows of a single library (or even multiple libraries that I 
can put together) that meet my requirements it would be great if you 
could email back, as I've been looking for this for quite a long time 
and all I keep coming up with is either openal, or commercial libraries 
which cost a bunch.

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