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developer at oldunreal.com developer at oldunreal.com
Sat May 31 03:08:52 EDT 2014

Well, the problem here is vice versa, I am using OpenALSoft now for my 
project in Windows as well and was using it for years in Linux & OSX for 
this, but it doesn't seem to recognize the OpenAL32.dll (or rather its 
devices) by Creative Labs anymore. But thanks again for the additional 

On 31.05.2014 08:40, Chris Robinson wrote:
> On 05/30/2014 10:39 PM, developer at oldunreal.com wrote:
>> And yes, it should be compatible, but for some yet unknown reason I get
>> reports that it doesn't seem to in every case.
> OpenAL Soft is a bit more strict when it comes to spec compliance. 
> There are things Creative's drivers just ignore where OpenAL Soft more 
> correctly generates an error. Using al* functions without a current 
> context, for instance -- Creative makes it no-op and returns 
> AL_NO_ERROR, while OpenAL Soft makes it a no-op but returns 
> AL_INVALID_OPERATION since the call couldn't be done.
> There's also things Creative's drivers allow simply because of how it 
> handles things internally. For example, you can queue a STEREO16 
> buffer and a STEREO_IMA4 buffer both onto the same source because IMA4 
> is decompressed to 16-bit, but that's not something guaranteed by the 
> spec. OpenAL Soft keeps track of the original format that was passed 
> to alBufferData and ensures they match.
> There are a few extensions as well that OpenAL Soft doesn't support, 
> like EAX or EAX-RAM. A number OpenAL apps on Windows also hard-code 
> device names of DirectSound3D, DirectSound, Generic Hardware, or 
> Generic Software, which come from the wrap_oal driver and aren't 
> recognized by OpenAL Soft.
> So there are certainly places where a poorly written app, or an app 
> that relies on "obscure" extensions, can work with Creative's drivers 
> and trip up with OpenAL Soft. In the general case, though, it should 
> work.
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