[openal] 1.17.1 point-release incoming

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 18:48:16 EST 2015

Just letting you guys know I intend on doing a quick update for 1.17, 
containing a few important fixes. Notably, the ALSA backend's 
allow-resampler option was broken (it was inverted, so off was on and on 
was off, and consequently had the wrong default), there was a slight 
alteration to the naming scheme on Windows (it now uses "OpenAL Soft on 
..." instead of "... on OpenAL Soft", which matches at least how 
Creative tags its Generic Software and Generic Hardware devices), and 
fixes building on FreeBSD. In addition, it will search for all .mhr 
files in the CWD and data directories, rather than just 
default-<number>.mhr, which should make it easier for apps supplying 
their own HRTFs.

If there's any other severe issue present in the 1.17.0 release, please 
let me know so I can try to fix it for 1.17.1. Otherwise, I'll probably 
be releasing the update sometime this week.


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