[openal] OpenAL Soft 1.17.1 is released!

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 09:38:27 EST 2015

OpenAL Soft 1.17.1 has been released, with a few bug fixes and cleanups 
over 1.17.0. Users using 1.17.0 are encouraged to update!


This point release fixes a couple bugs with the ALSA backend's resampler 
option, both that it now operates as intended instead of being reversed, 
and actually works when enabled. It also fixes being built with JACK 
support and not PulseAudio, and fixes building on FreeBSD.

For Windows, the naming scheme has changed so it better matches other 
preexisting drivers, with devices now named "OpenAL Soft on ..." instead 
of "... on OpenAL Soft".

For OSX, it replaced use of the deprecated Carbon API with the 
AudioComponent API. This change requires OSX 10.6, and fixes deprecation 
warnings presented in OSX 10.11.

One more notable change is that the lib will now search for all .mhr 
files in the appropriate data directories* by default, instead of just 
the "default-<number>.mhr" files. So custom HRTFs can be installed with 
more unique names, without requiring config file changes and without 
risking overwriting existing ones.

* As a final, "undocumented" feature, the CWD data path can be replaced 
by setting the ALSOFT_LOCAL_PATH env var before making any AL calls. The 
set path should be absolute, and is retrieved using _wgetenv() on 
Windows (to allow for Unicode paths), while standard getenv() is used 
elsewhere. Note that using a relative path, or changing it after making 
AL calls, produces undefined behavior that can change in future updates. 
A proper way to set and update HRTF data paths, if not to set HRTF data 
directly, will be made in the future.

As always, if there's any issues, please let me know. Thanks!

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