[openal] stereo separation issue with a stereo source

Lubomir I. Ivanov neolit123 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 11:10:00 EST 2015


i have just built openal-soft from source (33ced1a7) and i think i've
encountered a small stereo separation issue. (0.15 seems to solve a
similar one?)

to my knowledge stereo sources cannot be manipulated via panning, cone
angles etc, which means that the stereo filed is hardcoded in the
buffer. if true, having support for that would be a great extension.

let's say i have a test app that loads a raw test stereo signal that
has, a 300Hz sine wave on the left channel and and a 500Hz on the
right channel fully separated channel wise.

feeding that to openal-soft like so:

alBufferData(buffer, AL_FORMAT_STEREO16, buf, len, 44100);
alSourceQueueBuffers(source, 1, buffer);

results in a small tone bleed from one channel to the other.
if i open those same raw samples in an audio editor and play them, the
channels are separate, yet if i record the test app output (record the
sound card output) the channel bleed can be heard and seen.

perhaps there is an openal-soft setting that i'm missing which narrows
the stereo field on playback or maybe there is a bug.

any ideas?

(Mingw, Windows7, Realtek HD Audio)


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