[openal] Website is alive again...

Ryan C. Gordon icculus at icculus.org
Sat Jul 25 22:46:58 EDT 2015

> * other OpenAL implementations, esp. OpenAL Soft, should be linked in
> the Downloads and/or Platforms pages

Yeah, we took the (ancient!) list from the Wayback Machine, and it 
definitely needs updating. OpenAL-Soft not being on there is flatly 
criminal, I'll fix that now.

(Also worth noting: Emscripten by default provides apps with an 
implemenation of OpenAL, written in Javascript, believe it or not).

> * is Apple's OpenAL implementation really Open Source? What kind of license?

Here's the source code to the OpenAL that ships with Mac OS X 10.10.1:


And it's LGPL, believe it or not:


Apple doesn't offer revision control for it to the public, and I doubt 
they'd accept patches, but the source code is always published when new 
OS releases ship, and has been for more than a decade now.

> * OpenAL Soft also supports Pulse Audio on Linux, maybe that should be
> mentioned as well.

OpenAL Soft basically supports anything that makes sound; maybe we 
should just list this as "native" like the others?

> * it should be mentioned that the only use of the Creative SDK is the
> included PDFs of the Programmers Guide the EFX Guide :-P

This isn't my area of expertise. Is this really not useful at all any more?

> * Links to some OpenAL tutorials would be nice

Agreed, send me links, everyone!


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