[openal] distance model questions

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Mon May 18 09:14:43 EDT 2015

On 05/18/2015 05:29 AM, Victorious wrote:
> How difficult would it be to expand this to include the following
> parameters on an object? X_range, y_range, and z_range? I.e the sound
> doesn't change when the listener is within these range coordinates of
> the object?

Do you mean the source plays completely centered as long as it's within 
the specified range, and from the edge of those bounds to some radius it 
interpolates with the source's real position? Or do you mean it 
interpolates between a distance of 0 and the specified range edge?

The former is doable, but may be a bit more involved than the latter. It 
also depends if the ranges are axis-aligned or not (that is, if x_range 
is along the global X or the listener's local X, etc), and whether it's 
oval-shaped or box-shaped.

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