[openal] openAL and game engines

Tristan hamiltt at tcd.ie
Mon Nov 9 13:25:02 EST 2015


I'm looking at using spatialised audio with 3d virtual environments for 
my bachelors thesis. After getting openAL soft up and running and trying 
out a few HRTF demos, it seems ideal.

While I'm aware unity and unreal engines have support from FMOD, wwise 
and the new 3dception, I think it would be cool to use openAL with one 
of these engines. While exploring how one could integrate openAL into 
these frameworks, I've ran into a few walls that I was hoping someone 
here can help me with.

As unreal uses c++ and one can link 3rd party libraries, I imagine it 
wouldn't be too hard to use openAL with it, does anyone here know if 
that's possible/been done before?

Unity uses c# but one can use native plugins, for example heres a way to 
create an instance of a c++ plugin: 
Again I'm wondering if anyone has tried this before or knows if its 

Another option I want to explore is sending OSC data from unity using 
this unity plugin:

The idea being to send listener position information(and potentially 
sound sources etc) via OSC to some persistent program with an openAL 
context that can grab these OSC packets and update the sound 
accordingly. Something similar to what this guy did with supercollider 
and unity: 

Any help would be really appreciated, thanks!

Kind regards,

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