[openal] Extensions and recommended way of installing OpenAL Soft

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 09:12:37 EDT 2015

On 09/04/2015 10:06 AM, Cyril Drouet wrote:
> Thank you for the tip.
> Regarding the soft devices, my audio device is listed twice with the
> same name right now (hopefully, Soft will appear in the name in the next
> release).

Current Git version now signifies which devices are from OpenAL Soft, 
when using the mmdevapi, dsound, or winmm backends. Kinda wish I could 
have the names include "on OpenAL Soft" only when being used through the 
router, but there's not really a way to detect such, so I have to settle 
for it always being there with those backends only.

> If I pass null (to open
> the default device), it seems to open the hard device. If I explicitly
> pass the name, it seems to open the Soft device. So, if the name is the
> same, does it always open the soft device?

I imagine that depends on what the router feels like doing, and how it 
maps enumerated device names to the individual drivers. I don't think 
any consistent/reliable behavior can be expected when multiple drivers 
expose the same device names.

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