[openal] Some questions about this mailing list and OpenAL Soft, and an EFX effects problem with hardware OpenAL

Luís Felipe Safady lagonauta at gmail.com
Sun Sep 13 11:42:17 EDT 2015

Hello everyone,
I am new here so I would like to ask some questions first. Is list just for
OpenAL Soft or for anything related to OpenAL? I am having some problems
using the EFX extension with hardware based cards, and it would be good if
I could ask it here.
Is there an archive for the old OpenAL mailing list, before Creative took
it down? Maybe my problems had solutions on this list.
Is there any plan on adding other EFX effects to OpenAL Soft, like the
pitch shifter?

Now, to my problem with hardware OpenAL cards...

I am trying to add OpenAL based time-stretching to the Dolphin Emulator (it
will probably be a separated branch, as it already has a basic software
based time-stretcher and this change wouldn't be useful to most people) but
I am having some trouble activating any kind of effect, be it Reverb, Echo
or the Pitch Shifter.
When using OpenAL Soft, wrap_oal and Sens_oal everything works perfectly
(obviously I could only test with other effects other than the pitch
shifter, and Sens_oal pitch shifter is very bad), but with ct_oal (for
hardware based OpenAL cards) the effect just doesn't work.

I tested this by adding a direct filter to the source dry-mix with zeroed
gain so the sound only comes from the effects. With hardware OpenAL there
is just no sound.
Even without the dry-mix filter the effect is not applied.

When I compile the samples from the SDK it works, when I use OpenTK's
OpenAL it works (I know a lot more about C# than I know about C/C++).
At first I was generating the function pointers before setting current the
context, with OpenAL Soft it worked fine but it crashed with a read to an
invalid address with hardware OpenAL cards, so it seems there may be a
sequence to follow when using them.
I tried changing the headers files to those from the SDK, but it did not
work. I tried changing the linking library to the one from the SDK, also
didn't work.
I can post the edited files here if anyone want, they are GPL'd anyway.
(they are just two, a .h and a .cpp)

Thank you for your time.
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