[openal] AL_SOFT_gain_clamp_ex proposal

Chris Robinson chris.kcat at gmail.com
Sun Aug 28 11:05:26 EDT 2016

As a follow-up to the "Extending max source gain" thread and this issue: 

As usual, if any other implementations are willing to support the 
extension, I'll be happy to change it from SOFT to EXT or something. And 
if there's some way I can help ensure the enum value for 
AL_GAIN_LIMIT_SOFT won't clash with something else in the future, I'd 
appreciate it.
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    Chris Robinson


    Chris Robinson (chris.kcat 'at' gmail.com)


    In progress


    This extension is for OpenAL 1.1.


    This extension extends the gain clamping mechanism in standard AL. By
    default, OpenAL allows the source's and listener's AL_GAIN property to be
    set to any value that's greater-than or equal-to 0. The calculated source
    gain is clamped between its AL_MIN_GAIN and AL_MAX_GAIN properties after
    distance attenuation and the directional cone is applied, and before the
    listener gain is applied, however these two clamping properties are
    themselves restricted to being between 0 and 1 (inclusive).

    That behavior effectively nullifies any purpose of setting a source's gain
    being above 1, as the source's distance- and cone-related properties can
    be modified for the same effect. Oddly, the listener gain is applied to
    the source gain *after* the clamping, so it is still possible for the
    final calculated gain to exceed 1. On top of this, the spec allows an
    implementation the option to implicitly clamp the final calculated gain
    for the source as needed, but provides no means for applications to detect
    such behavior.

    This extension aims to fix those problems by removing the maximum limit
    for AL_MAX_GAIN and AL_MIN_GAIN, allowing applications to increase the
    effective source gain above 1. Additionally, it provides a query for the
    application to retrieve the implicit clamp level an implementation may put
    on the final calculated gain.


    Q: Why allow a source's gain to go above 1?
    A: Sometimes sounds are not authored to take full advantage of the dynamic
       range offered by the sample format, thus necessitating an increase for
       it to reach the true maximum volume allowed by the device. Other times,
       there may be additional attenuation applied after the source is mixed,
       and a user may want to increase certain sounds to be louder than would
       otherwise be allowed with a maximum of 1.

       However, care should be taken when using the non-clamped distance
       models. If a source has an increased AL_MAX_GAIN property and moves
       closer than the specified AL_REFERENCE_DISTANCE, the distance-related
       gain can quickly reach the increased gain limit.

    Q: Could this break apps that don't expect the gain to go above 1?
    A: No, because the default values for AL_MIN_GAIN and AL_MAX_GAIN remain
       the same (0 and 1, respectively). An application that wants to remove
       or increase the maximum effective source gain needs to explicitly set
       AL_MAX_GAIN to something greater than 1, which was not possible before.

    Q: What about the implicit clamp on the final calculated gain?
    A: Implementations are still allowed to clamp the final gain as needed. So
       despite all this, it is possible an implementation simply won't allow
       the final source gain to go above 1. However, with the addition of the
       query for the gain limit, an application can check this, know if it'll
       work or not, and react appropriately. It also allows an implmentation
       to have some other limit instead of (but no less than) 1.

New Tokens

        AL_GAIN_LIMIT_SOFT                       0x200E

Additions to Specification

    Modify Section 3.1.1 Simple Queries, alter the paragraph following the
    function definitions:

    ... Legal values are AL_DOPPLER_FACTOR, AL_SPEED_OF_SOUND,
    AL_DISTANCE_MODEL, and AL_GAIN_LIMIT_SOFT. NULL destinations are quietly
    ignored. ...

    Add to Table 3.1: Numerical Query Definitions:

    Name                  Description
    --------------------  -------------------------------
    AL_GAIN_LIMIT_SOFT    An implementation-defined maximum per-source gain
                          limit (guaranteed to be at least 1).

    Modify Section 4.1. Basic Listener and Source Attributes, alter the second
    paragraph of the description of the AL_GAIN attribute:

    ... AL_GAIN larger than one (i.e. amplification) is permitted for source
    and listener. However, the implementation clamps the total gain (effective
    gain per-source multiplied by the listener gain) according to the
    AL_GAIN_LIMIT_SOFT global state, which is guaranteed to be at least one.

    Modify Section 4.3.2 Source Attributes, and alter the tables under the
    "Bounds on Gain" header:

    Name           Signature  Values         Default
    -------------  ---------  -------------  ----------------
    AL_MIN_GAIN    f, fv      [0.0f, any]    0.0f
    -------------  ---------  -------------  ----------------
    AL_MAX_GAIN    f, fv      [0.0f, any]    1.0f

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