[openal] Noob questions on oepnAL

Massimiliano Maini maxmaini at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 10:11:17 EST 2016

Hi all,

disclaimer: I'm a total noob at openAL. But I'm trying to improve that :)
So there's a risk the below is poorly expressed,total garbage or both.

Let's say that my listener is standing still in the origin ([0,0,0]) of my
reference frame with the "at" vector pointing as the +Y axis and the "up"
vector pointing as the +Z axis (so with respect to the listener +X is
right, +Y is forward, +Z is up).

If I have a non-directional source (no distance-based attenuation and no

 A - located along the 'at" axis (e.g. [0, +10, 0])
 B - located to the left of the listener (e.g. [-10, 0, 0])

In case A, the sound on the left and right output channels (e.g. out of an
headphone) is identical, fine.

But what about case B: is there anything on the right channel (that is
"looking away" from the source) ? In a specific game I have at hand, I seem
to hear no sound on the channel that is "looking away" from the source. Is
this implementation dependent ?

I'm asking because reading the openAL doc, I was surprised to see cones for
source objects but not for the listener, to capture the directional
properies of the listener.

So digging I've now found the HRTF stuff in ALsoft. Which made me ask
myself: in usual openAL (e.g. the one provided by Creative), what is the
HRTF of the listener ?

Also, if I were to use ALsoft and its HRTF feature, i would get some sound
in my case B above right ? (assuming the HRTF is not zero at 180deg azimuth)

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