[openal] EAX not detected on Asus STX

Heinz Kropuschinski circumflex at gmx.net
Sun Jan 24 12:25:09 EST 2016

Thanks for the info!

> Yeah, I imagine that's the case. But my question is, since newdark
> supports EFX for OpenAL, why does it also support (and prefer) EAX for
> OpenAL? What's different about its "EAX reverb support" compared to "EFX
> reverb support"? Do you actually hear much of a difference in quality
> between EFX and EAX?

That I'm not sure of. The funny thing is, the author of that fanpatch is unknown. From time to time, a new version gets released which obviously stems from the original source code which is not legally available.

Quality wise it's the same far as I can tell but System Shock 2 is not a useful game to test this on as it doesn't need and therefore does not use a lot of reverb room-presets, and it already had a perfectly capable occlusion solution back in '99. A better demonstration can be seen here where you can clearly notice changing rooms: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIc7HLpk-w

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