[openal] Audio quality and upsampling

alberto box alberto.box66 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 5 09:44:28 EDT 2016

Hi Chris,

thank you very much for your explanations.

I just added soft_oal.dll in windows system folder, configured it for best
resampling, added devices selection to my application and I finally
obtained a way better upsampling results. It worked perfectly.

Thank you
Il 02/lug/2016 17:02, "Chris Robinson" <chris.kcat at gmail.com> ha scritto:

> On 07/02/2016 01:03 AM, alberto box wrote:
>> Hi Chris, thank you for your answer.
>> In your opinion the api exposed by my old creative version are the same
>> api
>> exposed by the newer openal soft? I mean is there a chance for me to
>> update
>> the libraries only, without working on the source code?
> You can just replace the DLL without changing the app's source, yes. You
> can also have OpenAL Soft added to the list of OpenAL devices so you can
> change between them (if the app lets you choose).
> There's a few small caveats, though; first one being that OpenAL Soft
> doesn't have the EAX extension (it's long been deprecated in favor of the
> newer EFX extension, also supported by Creative and covers the same
> functionality), so if the app uses the old EAX interface instead of EFX,
> you won't have effects.
> Secondly, OpenAL Soft is a little more strict when it comes to reporting
> errors. OpenAL Soft does a better job of letting an app know that something
> didn't work, and oddly, I've heard of (very very few) apps that don't like
> being told something didn't work, even though it never worked.
> It's unlikely your app will be bothered by this, though. OpenAL's EAX was
> only used in relatively few apps in the early 2000s, quickly being replaced
> by EFX. And as I said, extremely few apps are bothered by the improved
> error reporting (I think I've only had one confirmed case), plus there are
> some workarounds that may help.
> As far as resampling goes, once you have OpenAL Soft's DLL in place, you
> should run the alsoft-config GUI utility (included in the binary download),
> then under the Resources tab change the Resampler as desired, and hit
> Apply. Then anything that uses OpenAL Soft will use that resampler for
> sounds.
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